How to get your customers recommending you at virtually no extra cost.

We had our carpets cleaned recently. And I was struck by their customer service process. It was a timely reminder that staying in touch makes a difference.

We last used this company to clean our carpets over 10 years ago. And every year since, we’ve received a call to let us know when they are in the area and to see if we want our carpets cleaned again.

The lady calling, is friendly and each time when I’ve said no or come up with an excuse she says, “that’s OK, I’ll let you know when we’re in the area next … just in case it’s convenient for you” and she has. Consistently!

And, this time I said yes!

  • They sent a quote and confirmed the verbally agreed date.
  • They sent me a note at the start of the week they were due, to say they were coming and what time to expect them.
  • On the morning of the booking, they turned up on time.
  • The carpet cleaner was polite, friendly and tidy!
  • On completion I was thanked for my business.
  • The carpets were cleaned (and look 100% better).

Nothing so amazing in terms of their process.

  • They kept in touch when they said they would but I never felt hassled.
  • They did what they said they would do, when they said they would.
  • They were polite, friendly and professional.
  • They thanked me!

None of this cost them a lot of money and I have already given their details to several friends, made a note in my diary to call them when we have cleared our living room for decoration and written this blog! If you want your carpets cleaning, I’d be happy to pass on their details.

To provide customer service that others talk about, you don’t need to be over delivering, spending a fortune on finding new customers or sending out gifts to your old customers.

In fact, you don’t need to be doing anything very special. Just do the best you can to keep in touch, do what you say you will do and treat your customers as you would like to be treated.

You’ll be amazed how many of your competitors don’t.