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Behind the Business

Why Partners With You?

Hi, I’m Sally Hindmarch and I set up Partners with You in December 2000 with the avowed intention of helping companies stop annoying their customers!

I’ve always had a bit of a bee in my bonnet when it comes to poor Customer Service, Sales and Operations and usually have strong opinions as to how these can always be improved.  So it’s no surprise that this focus on customer service and excellence has infused everything I do.

And linked to this, a degree in Psychology and Drama only reinforced to me that clarity of communication is the foundation on which everything else is built.

This passion for customer service and belief that good communication is a tool to put the world to rights finally came together on the day that one of my clients asked me to run some presentation skills training – I knew exactly what they needed. And luckily, with actors in the family (my little sister and her husband!), I also knew where to lay my hands on the expertise of professional communicators.

Since then I’ve created what I am truly proud to call a unique communications skills business, utilising amongst other things, a multi-talented team of experienced actors who work with companies of all sizes in all industry sectors ranging from large corporations to individual business owners. At Partners with You we provide the insight and practical input needed to build success through communication and cover topics from Presentation and Confidence Building to Creative Thinking and Collaboration. As I always say: ‘If people don’t understand what you say the first time you say it, they won’t bother to listen again.’

Definitely front of house as opposed to behind the scenes, I like to keep an eagle eye on courses as they evolve and a finger on the pulse of what’s needed as businesses evolve. I am certified as a PRISM Brain Mapping practitioner and we use this fascinating report to support a number of our workshops and conference topics. I personally speak at client conferences and events and run our Communication Academy programme and I love to work with clients to facilitate their meetings which I like to think I do with a mix of charm and discipline!

Fun is also an important element for Partners with You – training doesn’t have to be dull and boring to be effective. For me an important part of running a business that has a high impact and outcomes for our clients, is that I go about it in a down to earth and approachable way – I’m far more likely to be found getting to know a client over a nice cup of coffee than hiding behind a proposal.

Our Team

Without our team of actors Partners With You would be nothing! They are all well equipped with the tools of their trade and when they aren’t on stage or screen, work with our clients to help them communicate in the most effective manner possible. I do try to keep pace with what they’re up to in the other side of their professional lives, and post regular links in our Blog if they tell me! So if you’d like to keep up to date, join us in our conversations or sign up for our newsletter.

I’m passionate about those who work with us and am proud that we offer the highest level of training and personal development for all our staff. 

We have a flexi-hour policy and encourage community participation.  I’m also very aware of our environmental impact, and always do what we can to reduce this. If you would like to know more about our CSR policy, please get in touch.

Our Community Support

Partners with You has been built on solid business and personal values. It is important to me that we give back to others so our community support is a big part of what I do along with treating our suppliers and teams in the way that I want to be treated by our clients.

We support a variety of different charities and organisations both through our business and in our personal lives.

As part of this we support the work of B1G1 which allows us to contribute in a small way but make a big effect on others across the globe. 

We joined in late 2014 and the more people who attend our workshops or hear us speak the more we are able to contribute! Our way of saying thank you and you can see our client’s impact above.

I hope this page has given you a feel for Partners With You and if I haven’t met you yet I look forward to getting to know you and the needs of your businesses over a cup of coffee or glass of wine one day soon.

If you would like to chat sooner rather than later book a call here.

What Our Customers Say

It is much more important that you hear what our customers say about us.