How far does a smile go? Further than you might imagine.

I’ve been meeting a lot of receptionists this month, and bank staff and shop assistants. Not intentionally, but I just seem to have been out and about more than usual.

And overall, I’ve enjoyed the human connection … however I can’t tell you the difference a smile has made to the interaction. Don’t get me wrong … I’m not saying that I want to be confronted by a Cheshire cat grin by all and sundry; but I do want to be greeted with a natural smile that says “Welcome, I’m pleased to see you.”

Have you noticed how you feel when you’re met with a stony face or what appears to be, indifference?

It makes me bristle and I read it as “What do you want? You’re interrupting my day.” I anticipate their next move as likely to be unfriendly which in turn affects how I behave next.

The Betari Box* explains the behaviour cycle:

  • My attitude affects my behaviour.
  • My behaviour affects your attitude.
  • Your attitude affects your behaviour.
  • Your behaviour will then affect my attitude …

… and on the cycle continues.

So, smiling at someone can truly affect the way that they react to you … not to mention the way they react to the next person they speak to. Imagine, if you have just had an altercation with someone, the next person you meet will probably feel the effect of what you’re thinking.

It’s not just important for those of us who are customer facing; it matters within the business and at home. Try it for a week … aim to smile naturally at everyone you meet and see how different the world seems!

If you have front of house staff who are more “What do you want?” then “Welcome” in their greeting then get in touch and see if our approach will work for you.

*The origins of the Betari Box and its name aren’t known. (If you know please tell me!)