How to create a great pitch so other’s take action.

The past few months we’ve been working with a number of clients who want their teams to create and deliver talks and presentations; specifically, as part of social media videos and campaigns.

We’ve also been contacted by a number of business owners struggling to move back to face-to-face networking and deliver great pitches. They’ve become reliant on reading their notes when meeting on-screen and feel this isn’t going to work in the room. (And they’re right!)

Of course, there are many ways to plan what you’re going to say and remember it, but HICCY is one we have found particularly helpful in both the instances above.

Hook                  Get them interested – Use statistics, a metaphor, a story, a prop

Introduction        Why should they listen to the topic, to you, why it’s important

Content                The body of your talk – the value you are providing

Call to Action       What should they do next – click, call, share …

You are?             Remind them who you are again

If I was recording a short video about Partners With You I might say:

Did you know that 20% of business people would pretend to be busy rather than make a presentation at work?

That means 1 in 5 people you know aren’t presenting your business when the opportunity arises!

I’m Sally Hindmarch, from Partners With You and we work with the 20% of your staff who know what they’re doing but hate standing up and speaking out … whether on stage, across Zoom or for videos.

What we do is simple and memorable. Let me show you what I mean … to look more confident imagine you’re wearing a bolero jacket (like a bullfighter might wear). Now imagine someone’s come from behind and pulls gently, so your shoulders go back slightly. This opens your chest, making it easier to breathe and to look more alert too!

We believe that it’s easier to change your physicality than your mind.

Call to Action
If you’re watching this on social media and would like more tips like this then visit our webpage. The link’s below.

Once you know what you’re going to say, it’s relatively easy to remember the structure. I’ll talk about how you can do that, in my next article.

In the meantime, if you would like more tips, I’ve written  “21 tips to better presentations” which you can download here.

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