Why getting into the room you are due to present in, before everyone else, is important

When you’re presenting, there are lots of good reasons to get into the room before everyone else arrives.

  1. You can get a feel for the room; check the acoustics and generally make sure there are no surprises.
  2. If you are using a mic you can plan for how/if/when you need to be miked up and make sure any tech you need is set up correctly.
  3. And, you can work out where to sit so that it’s easy to get to the front of the room or onto the stage.

But the one thing I think is essential, is to give yourself time to stand at the front and visualise you being amazing.

Really see yourself in the space, speaking to the audience. Hear them murmur and nod their approval and laughing with you.

Most importantly visualise yourself standing in a positive standing position as you start your presentation. Really see how you are standing; your posture, how you move and your gestures. Then as you get on stage start as you saw yourself in your visualisation – stand in the same way and use the same opening gestures.

You will look and sound confident … and you will feel more confident. Feeling more confident will mean you look and sound more confident … a wonderful self-fulfilling cycle!