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How PRISM Works

PRISM is a psychometric instrument which uses neuroscience to approach human behaviour, rather than psychological theory. It gives users a series of graphic explanations, or maps, which represent how their brains prefer to work, instead of labelling users or putting them in boxes. These maps show users why they approach situations and individuals in different […]

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Discover our Team Building Workshops and Events

If your team’s performance is suffering due to the relationships between team members, you’ve probably considered team building workshops as a solution. But why should you choose Partners With You to provide team building workshops or events for you? Well, our fast-paced workshops help to create a positive working environment, without pushing the physical limits […]

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Goal setting Made Easy!

So we’re approaching the end of another financial year, which gives us the perfect opportunity to look ahead and consider ways to make this new year even better. First you need to think about what went wrong last year, the chances you didn’t take, the mistakes you made and the ideas you just didn’t think of until it was too late. […]

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