Are you planning to network more this year?

For some people I meet, networking describes everything that they don’t want to do …

… Walking into a room full of strangers, making small talk, listening to others talking about themselves or waiting for their turn to jump into the conversation and tell you about themselves. And to cap it all … having to stand up and pitch your business to everyone else in the room!

And yet …

… Networking is a really great way to build your business, find suppliers, mentors, supporters, and clients.

I’ve been networking for over 20 years and Partners With You has been built on business gained through the connections made through networking and many of those connections I now call friends.

With this in mind I have written a free A-Z of networking events and here I’ve picked out 3 of the ones I think are important:

Don’t sell – Networking is about building relationships, not about making a quick sale.

Networker’s neck is the curse of someone who is always looking over your shoulder to see if there is anyone more interesting to speak to. Make sure you’re not guilty of this – it’s rude; be in the moment and finish the conversation you are in.

Zero interest can be written all over your face. Be sure to stay in the moment and concentrate on what you can do for the other person; if you don’t understand what they are talking about then ask more questions!

If you’d like to know what the other 23 tips are then download the free A-Z of networking events.

Do let me know if you think I’ve missed anything or if you would like a chat about how to enjoy networking and make it all a lot less onerous then feel free to book a call.