Do you suffer from Networker’s neck?

Have you ever been to an event where the person you’re speaking to keeps looking over your shoulder?

We call that “networker’s neck” and it’s the curse of networking meetings throughout the land!

It can be caused by disinterest, distraction or just plain rudeness. And you know if someone has it because as they’re speaking to you, they will be glancing over your shoulder, not peering or staring, but just glancing … to see if there is anyone more interesting to speak to.

Now it could be that they’re waiting for someone … or maybe they don’t know how to build relationships well and they think that someone else might be more useful to them!

Whatever their reason I can guarantee they won’t be top of your list when asked for referrals, recommendations or just directed to across the room.

Make sure you don’t suffer from it – be in the moment, actively listen and always finish the conversation you are in.

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