How you can always look like you know what you are saying!


Have you noticed the difference in the way that other’s answer an easy or a hard question?

Watch the next time there is a Q&A or you are at a meeting (or even if you are chatting to your family).

When it is an easy question (or one the speaker knows the answer to) they will lean forward, smile, keep eye contact and generally show you in their body language that they are confident.

When it’s hard or challenging they will look away, physically pull back, maybe grimace, probably cough or clear their throat and generally appear less confident.

If you are going to speak or you are at a meeting with questions to answer, practice leaning forward as you answer. Smile and look the questioner in the eye as you start to respond … whatever the question.

You want to literally lean in to the question!

You will appear more confident and come across as more competent whatever you say next.

If you don’t know the answer then say so but do it from a position of confidence if you want to be taken more seriously.

Try it, see how it makes you feel.