How to make the most of a podcast invitation.

Podcasts have fast become the newsletter of our day and having your own or being a guest on someone else’s is a great addition to your marketing mix.

However, there is something uniquely uncomfortable about speaking on radio or recording in a studio. I think it’s the fact that the microphone is right in front of your face so it’s harder to forget where you are and imagine that you’re just “having a chat”.

Last month I was invited to speak on Take One Video Production’s podcast and I thought I’d share the techniques I’ve learnt that helped me to enjoy the process.

  1. Imagine it going well.

There is a lot of “tech” in a studio and I’m sure a lot of it can go wrong. I visualised the interview going really well and leaving happy that I had come across as confident and competent. I shut my eyes and saw the interviewer (Karen at Take One) smiling at my comments, nodding her head and saying “yes I agree” and “good point” often!

As Henry Ford said … “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right”.

  1. Think about what you’re going to say in advance.

It helped that I had a rough idea of the questions to be asked and what the podcast host wanted from me. If they don’t give you this in advance, ask for it so you can prepare. Or if it’s not that sort of interview, practice the sort of questions you expect to be asked.

  1. Use affirmations.

I walked to the studio and on the way, repeated affirmations that I know make me feel good about myself and my ability to deal with whatever comes my way. If I can’t cheer myself on, then who will?

  1. Concentrate on breathing.

A concern about being so close to the microphone is that your breathing will be amplified. Make sure the mic is positioned so that you can sit upright in a positive sitting position. This will make it as easy as possible for you to breath. Lean away from the mic when you aren’t speaking and concentrate on taking deep breaths.

  1. Look at the interviewer.

Use all the communication skills you would use in a normal chat in a coffee shop. Smile and use eye contact so that you build rapport quickly and stay focussed on what is being said.

All in all, I was quite pleased with the end result. You can make up your own mind by listening to it yourself – go to my interview here. And to listen to all the interviews they have recorded go to Take One TV Podcast