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How to be confident at any time

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary: Confidence is “the quality of being certain of your abilities” and “having trust in people.” The only time anyone approaches me about being more confident is when they start to lose the certainty in themselves that they have their abilities and then others start to lose trust in them. […]

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Ways of Helping the Homeless

[PS: My name’s Tanmay Baste, the new member of PWY team, and I hope to continue writing about insights and cool stuff I learn at Partners With You Ltd you could try these out.] T.L.D.R: Almost everyone of us has come in contact with someone we know who was homeless at some point of their […]

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Workshop Review: Presentation Workshop

This week, we’d like to share with you a review of our Presentation and Confidence Building workshop, written by George Luke, based on his recent experience with us. This is our signature workshop and can be run in-house or as a public workshop. It is suitable for new and experienced presenters, and is also a […]

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