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Don’t let your communication problems stop you from communicating.

When I was little, I couldn’t pronounce my ‘R’’s so I would get “Weally, weally cwoss” and my father told me I would be OK so long as I didn’t marry a “Wobert”. I had elocution lessons (as they were called then) to help me change ‘Weally’ to ‘Really’ and ‘Wobert’ to ‘Robert’ … which […]

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Reflections after 19 years

This month Partners With You enters its 20th year of trading. I can’t quite get my head around that and nor can I believe that 19 years ago I left full time and fully paid employment. So, what have I learnt since December 2000? If I wrote an article a week for the next year, […]

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Are tube travellers ruder than most?

I was listening to a radio interview recently and the interviewee was asked about the tube system in London and said something along the lines of “I don’t want to be rude but unlike Southerners when we Northerners travel we’re friendly and like to talk to each other”. And it got me thinking …. Are […]

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