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How comfortable are you in a TV studio?

Some years back I was invited to be a guest on Business Connections Live The UK’s leading online business television channel. And I won’t lie … I was nervous! Over the

Do you think you should say sorry?

If you’ve made a mistake? If your behaviour has been deemed to be inappropriate … even if you think it’s unfair? If the company has made a mistake … and

Are you guilty of not listening properly?

Have you been at a networking event or meeting and found that you haven’t really heard what’s being said? It wasn’t the level of noise in the room but truth

Advice from my Mother

When my mother died recently, my family were overwhelmed by the wonderful messages we received and naturally spent a lot of time reminiscing. Mum was born in 1934, so part

How to make the most of your exhibition stand

A few weeks ago, I got a call about 6:30 in the evening from a friend and ex colleague. “Sally … I’m at an exhibition and we’re not making enough

Do you give good instructions? Do others know what you mean?

You know what you’re doing and why but does everyone else? Have you ever felt you appear to be speaking another language? You tell someone what’s needed and yet when

How good are you at giving and receiving compliments?

If someone compliments you on the way you handled a meeting, do you say “Thank you” or is your response more likely to be, “Oh it was nothing really” or

What does the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve have to do with your presentation?

According to the German Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus you are likely to forget what you learn within 7 days. After 24 hours he concluded that about two-thirds of anything memorised is

Do you suffer from Networker’s neck?

Have you ever been to an event where the person you’re speaking to keeps looking over your shoulder? We call that “networker’s neck” and it’s the curse of networking meetings
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