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How to make your customer’s day without spending money.

One of the services that we offer to our tourism and front of house clients

Why it isn’t their job to understand?

I overheard part of a conversation in a shop last week, between a customer and

How not to give feedback and what to do instead

If you had some negative feedback to impart to a colleague, we were told to

Five ways to ruin your presentation and what to do instead!

As regular readers will know, I attend a lot of networking events, at which business

How comfortable are you in a TV studio?

Some years back I was invited to be a guest on Business Connections Live The UK’s

Do you think you should say sorry?

  If you’ve made a mistake? If your behaviour has been deemed to be inappropriate

Are you guilty of not listening properly?

Have you been at a networking event or meeting and found that you haven’t really

Advice from my Mother

When my mother died recently, my family were overwhelmed by the wonderful messages we received

How to make the most of your exhibition stand

A few weeks ago, I got a call about 6:30 in the evening from a

Do you give good instructions? Do others know what you mean?

You know what you’re doing and why but does everyone else? Have you ever felt
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