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“I picked up this book to see what was different about it. I’m glad I did.”

“If you wanted anything better than this, you’d have to attend an expensive seminar”

A must-read for anyone who wants to create more impact through their written and spoken word.

“This is one resource that will help you for years”

Everyone wants to get the most out of their communication, right? Right. Well, at Partners With You, communication is at the heart of everything we do, so when we got the chance to be part of Steve Bridger’s latest project, which has been labelled “a must-read”, you can imagine that we got quite excited!

“Steve Bridger has mapped out an extensive and doable guide to making the most of one’s own natural communication skills while improving areas of speaking and writing that need attention.”

So what exactly is this ‘project’? Transform Your Communication Skills: Speak Write Present with Confidence is a comprehensive guide to improving every aspect of communication, and features 11 experts in various areas of communication. Partners With You are very excited to have been included not once, but twice in this “extensive and doable guide”. Naturally, the chapters written by our very own Sally and Annie cover handling public speaking nerves and embracing the art of body language. (That’s chapters 7 and 8 for those of you anxious to get to the best bits! —> Get it now!)

“In the chapter on speaking there are are voice warm up exercises that are extremely valuable, especially if you’re planning on recording your talk.”

“There’s chapters on overcoming shyness and building confidence. Most speakers (me included) get nervous right before a talk. That’s why I like this chapter, it helps overcome any fears or doubts that always creep into your mind”.

This is a reference book that you’ll want to keep close at hand, and not just for our fabulous input! You’ll also find chapters by Mark Hughes to make the most of your posts on social media, Melanie Dodaro to help you de-code the correct LinkedIn etiquette and Steve Preston to teach you how to write an impressive case study (to name just 3). Whatever you do this book is going to be a must have on your bookshelf … the one closest to you so you don’t have to keep getting up from your desk to look something up in it!

“Easy to navigate and well written”.

“It’s clear with no fluff or jargon to contend with”.

“Because there are 11 experts contributing this book never runs out of energy! Every topic is well explained”.

“Most books tend to lose their way after the first few chapters. Not this one.”

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy here. We think you’ll love it as much as we do!

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