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For those you employ to deliver tours we can provide training that will help them to tell your story the way you want it told. Whether you want them to drop a snippet of information into conversations or walk your visitors around your site individually or in groups, we can create a programme for you. We can give them techniques to help them to sell the venue and ask for donations too!

In addition to engagement techniques we also cover in our voice & engagement workshops we can work with your team to develop the skills to:

  • Be flexible and think on their feet.
  • Decide how best to stage and deliver their script.
  • Develop storytelling techniques to increase engagement.
  • Increase their vocal care and understand how to use microphones.
  • Keep the party together and direct focus.
  • Deal with questions.
  • Organise information.
  • Expand or contract their tour to suit the time available.
  • … and much, much more.

We can create a workshop to suit your team; from a ½ day top tips sessions to a programme of 4 workshops over a period of weeks or months to really develop their skills and performance.

What previous attendees have said:

The course was tailored to suit (my) role and had useful techniques I can use – a good session.

I thought it was great. I really found practising very helpful.

Really useful and I will be referring back to the material I was given constantly.

It’s just brilliant and fun! Clearly explained by experts and so useful too!

I got to see the script in a different light – much more confident now.

Highly recommend for anyone who has to use their voice frequently.

The course helps you find your words and helps you deliver speeches.

I got to practice my tour on site and get feedback.

It’s pretty amazing how some things that we might not think of (i.e body image) can affect public speaking and how the exercises can help.

Fantastic for confidence in public speaking.

To discuss if our approach will suit your needs, please contact us for a chat.

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