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When we are small, we are constantly told not to talk to strangers. Then we get a front of house role where our job is to strike up a conversation with a stranger!

Not only that but often we are approaching someone who may assume we are trying to sell something or doesn’t speak English. It’s no wonder that our clients’ staff sometimes choose to chat to each other or hide around corners!

Our workshops are designed to give your teams the tools they need to be able to look approachable and interested and maintain a key tool of their trade … their voice.

We concentrate on giving you techniques to:

  • Create a positive first impression portraying an image of confidence and competence
  • Create a warm credible voice that is under your control and can be heard
  • Build empathy and rapport and
  • Maintain your enthusiasm, positivity and customer focus

What previous attendees have said:

I have learnt a lot of material which I know will improve my performance.

Fantastic, informative and fun!

I didn’t know what to expect and found it really valuable how making small changes can make a big difference.

It has given me new tools and techniques to use during my work

I learn techniques able to take away and apply to a working day to improve quality of service.

I had no idea of the depth of voice and breath training and how many facets of our job it covers; everything from correct posture to the importance of listening!

There were lots of ways that I could relate the course back to my work.

Very enlightening and instructional with regards to self-awareness.

Very beneficial as key points are explained thoroughly

Have a look at our free ebook –The importance of a warm welcome and …. seven simple steps to improve yours   to see our approach and then whether you want an off the shelf workshop or something more specific designed for your particular needs contact us for a chat.

What Our Customers Say

It is much more important that you hear what our customers say about us.