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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a visitor at your site?

Do you feel that your customer satisfaction reports don’t give you the specific information that you want. What did your team do exactly that made it a good or bad interaction?

Are you irritated by reports that tell you your team was “nice” or “as expected”? You know what you want to see but that when you turn up, your team’s smiles go up a notch too.

We train visitor services teams in engagement skills and customer service. We know what to look for and can identify not just when something doesn’t work but also what the individual was doing at the time.

Some of our clients have used our mystery tours as a benchmark while others use us to provide KPI’s for their team. You decide whether it’s a one off or a regular programme you want and we go from there.

We can be as specific as you like, looking for the behaviours that you want your team to be showing at each part of the route or we can give you a general overview of what it was like to be a visitor. You can choose the day and the time we arrive or we can turn up and you won’t know we were there until we call to arrange a feedback meeting or the report arrives on your desk.

Have a look at our free ebook – why your customer facing staff are your secret weapon to a profitable attraction  to get an idea about our approach and if you like what you see then contact us to talk through your needs.

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