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You don’t like the way you sound when you listen to yourself. Of you know that in certain situations you don’t sound as credible as you would like to.
Our voices are incredibly powerful but most of us don’t have the first idea how to optimise what we have.
We can show you how simply humming and flexing jaw muscles can strengthen your voice considerably, making you immediately sound more authoritative.
We can show you how to immediately improve your breathing so there’s no risk you’ll pass out before you reach the end of a sentence and we’ll also teach you the art of projecting to the back of the room to gain and keep the attention of your audience.
Of course, your posture directly affects the way you sound … any one of our workshops will help you to sound more credible.
It doesn’t matter if you are preparing to speak to the great and the good of your industry, or you’re a teacher, tour guide or retail assistant … your voice is your tool and if it fails you, it will directly affect your impact and maybe, even, your ability to earn your living.
If you want us to run a workshop for your team we can do that or we can work with you on an individual basis, just give us a call and we can discuss what would work best for you.
All our workshops provide you with access to our Power of The Voice MP3 which you can also buy here.

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