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We know your training budget is limited and that although you want any training to be enjoyable it also needs to be so much more than just a fun day out.
You want more than content thrown at you; you want the opportunity to really make it relevant to you … and embed the skills.

By the end of our workshops, you’ll be a whole lot clearer on what you can do to come across as being at the peak of your professional ability, whether you’re in front of one person or a thousand.

However, most soft skills training consists of brief, ad-hoc workshops, dealing only with one specific problem or issue. After such a course, you are full of good intentions (you even put the handbook on your desk for easy access!) But your day-to-day work prevents you from making the intended changes, and the handbook ends up at the bottom of an in-tray.

The missing element is accountability.

If you knew someone would be asking how you’re doing, which changes had worked, which hadn’t; if you were given tools to continue making improvements, it’s far more likely, different techniques would be tried, changes implemented and the handbook consulted regularly.
The Communication Academy is an invaluable membership programme that builds those presentation, networking and communication skills.
The Communication Academy is an invaluable membership programme that builds those skills. – VB, Amersham.
We provide accountability, monthly content that relates to your personal communication goals and a monthly individual call with the Programme Leader. We are also just a message away to deal with any query you have on any aspect of communication in between time.
The Communication Academy gives you the space to practice and discuss what you’re learning. It helps you to build strategies and approaches to handle a whole variety of business situations so that you have them to hand and can use them on a daily basis.

Whether you want to …

Look and sound more confident than you feel and project authority, so that others listen to you when you speak.

Handle difficult situations so you can reduce conflict and increase your authority.

Network to build relationships and feel comfortable doing so.

Present your ideas to others in a way that not only grabs their attention but keeps it throughout. And in a way that doesn’t make you feel as though you’re pretending to be someone else.

… The Communication Academy will help you to upskill and build your confidence so no matter the situation or audience, you consistently come across as both confident and competent.
And … you can join as an individual or we can come to your offices and run it for your team.

Whichever you choose the training only takes half a day a month and is built around you and your cohort. Contact Sally now to find out how we can make the most of your training budget.

My communication style has definitely improved and I’m being more assertive. I even found myself taking the lead in a meeting the other day, which I would never normally do. - SS, Essex.
Once you join your membership fee will remain the same as long as you are a member (and that’s up to you too … no minimum membership or contracts).
Having joined The Communication Academy, I have not only found my confidence again, but no longer dread standing up and talking in front of others. The Communication Academy has been unlike any other formal learning I have been on around this topic. Training on presenting was a course I never looked forward to but I can only say the opposite about these sessions. The size of the group and extra monthly clinic has meant that the sessions are tailored to fit our needs which has made it a very positive experience. - VF, Buckinghamshire.

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