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What you want

Communicating effectively with an audience whether large or small is an essential part of a successful business. But it’s a fact of life, when it comes to public speaking, many people would sooner parachute out of a plane than present from a platform.

You may want more vocal authority, to speak with more confidence (or at all) or move up from being a good presenter to one that truly engages their audience … whether that’s one or a thousand.

Communicating effectively and memorably with an audience, large or small, is a skill that can be taught, practised and enhanced.

What we offer

We can make presenting a pleasure that both you and your listeners will enjoy.

Our interactive, hands-on workshops and individual programmes are suitable for all levels of ability, whether you’re a new and nervous speaker or more experienced but wanting to increase impact and memorability. Our team of talented professional actors teach tools and techniques which will knock nerves on the head for good.

How it works

You can concentrate on enhancing your communication skills with one of our 1-2-1 coaching programmes, where the focus is on you, as an individual. We offer single workshops if you need a quick solution for a specific presentation, or a series of sessions over a number of weeks, tailored to your needs.

Alternatively, you may prefer to work on your presentation skills with your colleagues or as part of a longer-term programme. In which case contact us about an on-site workshop for you and your team to work on your presentation and storytelling skills or we can set up an in-house Communication Academy.

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