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If the answer is yes to any of these questions …

… it’s not just you feeling this way.

All these scenarios are more common than you think. Uncertainty and lack of confidence about speaking is very common … and we want to change this.

The Presentation Club is a place where …

You can improve your presentation skills by practicing with purpose.

You can expect to make mistakes and the consequences of doing so will be unimportant.

… with a group of likeminded people, you will consistently and permanently change the way you feel about having to present and increase your confidence to do so … so you never again answer ‘Yes’ to the questions aboveY

Every month we’ll...

Meet for an opportunity to practice and receive specific feedback from one of our team and others attending.

You’ll receive a weekly tip to help you to improve your presentation techniques.

You will grow at your own speed building your confidence monthly.

You can stay in the club for as long as you like with no joining fee or minimum membership.


We will be opening the club at a location near High Wycombe, in Autumn 2024 and if you join during the opening week, you will pay a preferential rate of just £25 + vat (£30) per month.

For more information book a quick call or register your interest here with no obligation to join and we’ll be in touch nearer the time.

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