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Your hands go sweaty, your breathing is shallow and you suddenly can’t remember what you have to say next. Your brain is reacting as if your life is in danger and all you’re doing is trying to speak to your clients from the front of the room.

You know that you need to present as part of your role (or worse you know you’re avoiding opportunities because you’ll be expected to present)… whatever the cause you want to know how to present more effectively. You don’t want to become a professional speaker … you just want to be able to stand up and coherently deliver your ideas and knowledge.

One of our team of professional actors can work with you, one to one, online or at your premises, to improve your presentation skills. Starting at whatever level you’re at they can move you from fearful to confident, good to great or just work on a specific aspect of your public speaking delivery that stops you from standing up and speaking out.

Typically, we will work with you in 3 sessions each a couple of hours and run over a period of weeks. The sessions will be a combination of you presenting, receiving feedback, and working on techniques to help in the areas identified. This is an interactive programme where we concentrate on the delivery of your message; specifically, your voice, posture and body language.

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