Communication Concern

Quintiles are an outsourcing provider to the pharmaceutical industry. They are a global leader in pharmaceutical services offering product development and commercialisation services.

Kevin England, Associate Director, Management Development (Europe) explains, “In our business, it’s important for our staff to refine their communication skills, build confidence and portray competence in all areas of their work to ensure they are perceived positively by our customers. 

Quintiles’s staff also need to influence and negotiate with clear concise messages to their clients and their teams. Jo Briggs, Senior Trainer, Management Development (Europe) says, “The staff are brilliant at what they do, but they need to be able to communicate that to others effectively. That ability also helps their opportunities within the company.”


Quintiles choose to send people on the regular public workshops so that its senior staff, associate directors and middle managers don’t have to wait for a whole team to be organised for a customised training session. With dates available throughout the year, this strategy enables the company to boost staff performance exactly when it’s needed.

The Successful Communication course covers a range of topics which all help deliver results: for example, the language of authority and confidence, being concise, honest and direct, creating a positive impression, body language and putting behaviour in perspective.


Kevin concludes, “Some people might think using actors is a novelty and fun, but I don’t look at it like that. I think: why would you have anyone else? They come from a different perspective; they haven’t just read a book about it and know the theory, they have the personal experience, ability and have lived it.

“The skills and techniques they impart are core to their profession and so they are absolutely the right people to train others in these areas. Being on the Successful Communication course has helped improve staff performance and their ability to convey confidence.”