Ageas UK

Communication Concern

A management development programme was the catalyst for Gareth Phillips, Head of Management Development, Ageas UK, to approach Partners With You for presentations skills training. “I wanted to ensure that the senior managers undergoing the programme had the skills they needed to present the results of a specific project to the board” explains Gareth.

The stakes are perceived to be high as the board presentations are formal in nature and they last for around thirty minutes plus questions and answers.

Public speaking is widely regarded as one of the most common phobias so it’s not surprising that there had been some reluctance in the past to make these presentations because of a lack of confidence.


Partners With You ran a one day workshop with all nine managers to build the group’s confidence with core techniques and tools before they worked on the content of their presentations. They then followed this up with bespoke one day presentation courses for each team of three focusing on their specific presentations, adding impact and more sophisticated techniques. The teams also benefited from help with dealing with questions and the particular skills needed in order to present effectively as a team.

Gareth continues, “In addition I knew that the group of nine managers would benefit personally from receiving help with their communication skills. The board presentations were being made in teams of three made up of groups from Ageas UK insurance businesses around the country who didn’t know each other so it was important that everyone was confident in their delivery of the information”.


Gareth concludes, “We had such positive feedback from the senior personnel who underwent the courses that we have decided to offer the training again in the future. The board were delighted as well as they were presented with relevant business information in an engaging and confident fashion.”