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Our ability to build and maintain a network of contacts, supporters and friends has never been more important or easier than it is today … and personal impact is key. There is still a lot of truth in the old adage that “it isn’t what you know but who you know that counts”. 

Whether you’re running a business and networking is part of your sales and marketing strategy or you’re more interested in you and your team being able to network within the company you work for, our workshops provide you with a raft of techniques that will allow you to:

  • Understand why you need to network – with colleagues, prospects, suppliers and clients.
  • Confidently walk into a room full of strangers, open and develop conversations.
  • Follow up opportunities and run these meetings effectively.
  • Maintain relationships and grow your network as part of your everyday life.

If it’s getting into the room, delivering a 1-minute pitch or how to make the most of your connections … we can help.

Depending on where you want to network, we will adapt the content accordingly. Email Sally to find out more.

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