Retail Sales Training

A shop in a tourist attraction is very different to that on the high street or shopping centre in that your visitors are often keen to buy something but don’t necessarily know what and the visit is part of the whole experience. Get it wrong here and your visitors can leave feeling that the entire day was ruined.

We concentrate on areas such as those below but with the emphasis on getting your customer service right first and then your sales will simply follow.

• Welcome & engagement
• The approach
• Starting conversations
• Preparing open and leading questions
• Listening skills
• Establishing need and offering product
• How to make sure you don’t “un-sell” your sale

What previous attendees have said:

Explained things that we didn’t realise we’re doing and made me think about them.

Found it useful, picked up some beneficial tips that I can use on the shop floor.

Great experience helps make the job easier.

I learn how to approach customers better and got to try it out.

It helped me gain more confidence and a range of tips to increase customer satisfaction.

Interesting and interactive with lots of opportunity to use the information learned.

Engaging, entertaining way of learning how to improve selling techniques.

Makes you feel more ready to work and confident.

The information was relevant and easy to understand.

To see if our approach could make a difference to your retail team then please contact us for a chat.