Future Leaders Programme

Designed with your future leaders in mind, this 10 month programme helps develop the soft skills that are so important for your most promising talent.

We all know that it’s not enough to be good at your job to be a leader in business and it is definitely not enough to just tell others what to do.  In the 21st Century our leaders need to be able to inspire, motivate, handle difficult situations and people, have the integrity to stand up and say No when all around are saying Yes (of vice versa) and the confidence to admit when they are wrong.

Breaking a habit and learning new skills takes perseverance and time. However, most soft skills work-training consists of brief, ad-hoc workshops, dealing only with one specific problem or issue. After such a course, most of us are full of good intentions (we even have a handbook to consult) but day-to-day work often prevents us from making intended changes, with the handbook ending up at the bottom of an in-tray.

The missing element is accountability – If we knew someone would be asking us how we were doing, which changes had worked, which hadn’t; if we were given tools to continue making improvements, it’s far more likely, different techniques would be tried, changes implemented and the handbook consulted regularly.

Our Future Leaders Programme is an invaluable ten-month programme to build those skills. We provide accountability, monthly workshops with our team and ongoing access to the Programme Leader at Partners With You who will deal with any query delegates have on any aspect of communication. This means, if they have a problematic conversation or call coming up, they can receive advice and support between meetings.

The short-term result is enhancement of skills in those individuals, who are leading others. The long-term effect is swifter more effective comprehension between your new leaders, staff and clients.

Included in the programme is a full report on each delegate’s behaviour preferences and leadership style (using PRISM Brain Mapping) and, with a new- found understanding of their own and other’s preferred behaviours, we deliver monthly sessions to improve communication and leadership skills in all areas.

Try the free quiz yourself to see how effective PRISM Brain Mapping can be or call us to discuss your teams specific requirements.