Front of House Training

“Partners With You quickly grasped our fundamental staff training requirements and tailored programmes which have become central to our training processes. The courses are used across different areas of the business and PWY have adapted the content where necessary to ensure that it is relevant to the specific needs of the staff in those areas. The flexibility of their approach means that they have been able to work as mystery shoppers, checking that their training methods are being employed as well as delivering 1:1 sessions with staff, supervisors, managers and even senior execs. Staff leave their sessions visibly brimming with confidence and energy – I would have no hesitation in recommending them to you.”
Andy Nicholson
Visitor Experience Manager

Our first project in the tourism sector was in 2011 and we have built an expertise working with customer service staff ever since.

Whether it’s for your car park attendants, visitor hosts, tour guides or retail staff we have designed workshops to help them be better at their job.

We see the “shop floor” as your stage and when you step through to where your visitors are you are “on show” and need to be at the top of your game. Just as you wouldn’t be pleased to go to the theatre and see the leading actor having an “off day” neither should the next visitor you meet.

With this in mind we teach your teams the same skills that actors use to get on stage, night after night and each time deliver a great performance.

Anyone who regularly deals with the public (paid staff or volunteers) and needs to look, sound and feel on top form will benefit from our Voice & Engagement workshops.

For those you employ to deliver tours we can provide Tour Guide Training that will help them to tell your story the way you want it told. Whether you want them to drop a snippet of information into conversations or walk your visitors around your site individually or in groups we can create a programme for you that will give them techniques to help them to sell the venue and ask for donations too if that’s appropriate.

At some point during their trip most of your visitors will be visiting your shop or shops and here we can help too. Using Sally’s retail background and the skills or our team of actors we have developed a range of workshops for our clients to improve their Customer Service and Retail Sales.

Typically our customer service and retail sales workshops include theatre and characterisation to help portray the behaviours you want (or don’t want) to see and to enhance the opportunities for your team to practice their new found skills. Because of this we are able to make them site specific and totally relevant to your team and their needs.

Finally we can offer our Mystery Tour services which give you an unbiased account of what we see and how we were made to feel. These can be used before or after our training, on an ongoing basis or just as a one off. Whichever option you choose it will provide a gauge of what is going on in your attraction and what if feels like to be a visitor there.

To get an idea of our approach please download our free ebooks written specifically for the tourism sector.