Elevator Pitches & Networking

It’s true to say that what counts is not what you know, but who you know. And never has it been easier to get to know the people who are important to you and your business.  You simply need the opportunity to meet and build relationships. But, unfortunately, not everyone’s a natural networker and for some, attending these events can be more gruelling than gratifying.

Our team work with you, teaching you the techniques that will not only help you feel more positive but ensure you project confidence and professionalism. We can also help you create and deliver your elevator pitches through our Magical Minutes workshop which is detailed below.


Magical Minutes

The Magical Minutes workshops are designed specifically for those of you who attend networking events, where you need to sell yourself and your business in sixty highly effective seconds. Working in small groups, we look at the creation of that all-important Minute, helping you compose and colour your language to leave people with an accurate and memorable perception of your business. After all, if people forget you as soon as you sit down, you might just as well not have bothered standing up.

We also look at the structure of the Minute, utilising techniques to help you generate fresh ideas more easily and organise them in a succinct, dynamic and comprehensive way. We teach delivery techniques to help you to engage your audience at the same time as selling your business and your personality.

For more information about this half day workshop please contact us.