Customer Service Standards

  • Does your team know what you want and feel empowered to deliver it?
  • Does the company Mission or Vision Statement work for your team?
  • Does it give them their purpose and explain in a few sentences what needs to be at the forefront of their mind at all times?
  • Do they know what the customer service standards are?
  • Do they know how to address those things that stop them delivering great customer service every time?

At the end of a day with us your team will have answers to all of these questions and tools to help them address new ones as they come up. Having helped create their own vision for the team they are much more likely to deliver to it and customer service standards will rise!

It was interactive and made me look at our role from another perspective.

Exciting, interesting and very relevant!

It was a great training day and certainly the feedback from the team was one of the most positive we have ever had.

Our workshop will help you and your team provide better customer service! Add to this our other training modules to create your own customer service programme and ensure that the learning really becomes embedded.

You tell us what you need and we’ll tell you how we can help.