Communication Masterclass

Do you avoid speaking your mind because you don’t like conflict? Are you about to present to the great and the good of your industry … and you don’t know where to start? And even if you did you don’t think they’ll be impressed!

Do you think you just lack authority and gravitas and so are overlooked when it comes to promotions and new projects?

It doesn’t matter which of these is true for you … You know you need to upskill and you know what at. You aren’t looking for top tips and general support to be better … you want specific help to master one specific area of communication.

If you understand what is currently holding you back and you want to quickly address these issues, and move forward, then the Communication Masterclass is for you.

Call Sally and depending on your need she will determine what you need and who you need to work with. Prices start at £799 +vat.