Sorry shouldn’t be the hardest word.


In my last article of 2019 I talked about one of my top learnings after 19 years of running Partners With You, and that was … it is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.

I said that so long as you have made the best decision you felt you could, based on the facts in front of you at the time (in my opinion) you won’t regret it.

However. after a couple of conversations with others over the past few months I feel I should add to this. If you do get something wrong … say you are sorry as quickly as you can!

I don’t mean like a politician says sorry!

But with meaning … if you are wrong, say so.

If the perception is that you are wrong, admit that and apologise for anything you may have done to make it so … but say it and mean it.

How do people know that you are being authentic? It’s all in the delivery. You need to look and sound as though you believe what you are saying … the words on their own are worthless, if your message isn’t contained in your delivery too.

So Yes, I still believe that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission but with the caveat that if you do make a mistake or the decision doesn’t turn out to be the right one … then say you are sorry as soon as you can.

Your thoughts?

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