Is Problem Solving Just Another Problem?

As many of you know I am quite new to the world of work and in the short time working with Sally she has introduced me to a tool I’m already beginning to see I’m going to use for my entire career!

It is so easy to feel stressed and defeated by a task or problem that is just too big to overcome. Really all you actually need to know is where to start. The lotus blossom grid is great for planning and problem solving. Sally said it is one of the most useful tools she’s come across in her 30years of business, so it must be worth giving a go! The reason it is so good, is it is a way of breaking something down and making it easier to manage, whether it be a problem at work or planning an event.

It is similar to a mind map, but has a structure which really racks your brain for ideas and detail Check Out Your URL. So you start by putting the topic into the box in the centre, then in the 8 surrounding boxes you put in the key areas or surrounding topics. It is not as easy as it sounds! Once you’ve come up with 8 you need to put these into the centre of the outer boxes. So then you are repeating what you just did, and breaking the surrounding topics down again.

It may seem a struggle to think of 8 but at the end you will have broken this big problem or task into bite sized chunks, and you can organise yourself accordingly. This is something I will definitely remember to use next time I’m stressed over what seems like the impossible, whether it be at work or at home.

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