Presenting for Teachers & Lecturers

At Partners With You, we have adapted two of our workshops specifically for educators who have to inspire, inform and educate on a daily basis while ensuring that your voice is kept on top professional form.


Power of the Voice

The voice is an essential tool in all communication, and is particularly important for those who speak on a daily basis to many people.

This workshop can be adapted to last one or two hours or can be extended to a half- day that covers everything you need to know to support your voice to create variety and credibility.


Inspiring Confidence in the Classroom

A one day or half- day workshop that has been designed to build on the four key areas of classroom presenting;

  • A voice that others will listen to
  • Presence and impact
  • Effective ways to build relationships
  • Consistency of message at the same time as bringing your language to life

If you work in Education or have an educational function within a tourist attraction please call us to discuss how we can help.