Leadership Development

Why it matters

Good leaders communicate, poor communicators don’t lead. But of course, not everyone’s a natural, so skills and behaviour need to be adapted, adopted and sometimes turned around completely to enable the sort of leadership that transforms a team into a successful tribe.

Working effectively with others and bringing an open mind to every situation, is essential as is being assertive and firm and so much of this depends on quality communication, both verbal and non-verbal. This is where we come in.


What we offer

When it comes to developing leadership skills we have a variety of options on offer. These include events and workshops which you can attend as an individual or which can be brought in-house and adapted to meet your specific requirements.

Our methods are designed to avert pointless, time-consuming, management issues by enhancing communication, clarifying direction and changing behaviour patterns.  We have a highly successful record of achieving all this with our workshops. We can even step in to provide expert facilitation at a difficult meeting or company conference you may have in the offing.

How it works

We use PRISM Brain Mapping as an analysis tool to explore the ways you and your team work best and to promote productive outcomes. A fuller understanding by individuals of the way you prefer to behave, leads to more effective collaboration alongside increased confidence and creativity.

Leadership like life, isn’t always a smooth run and we like to work with our clients over a period of months. Including all of our workshop content we create programmes to suit the needs of your teams – from newly promoted/soon to be promoted new managers to individual programmes working on your specific communication concerns.

From an individual programme of sessions based on a PRISM Brain Mapping report   to Dealing with difficult people & situations workshops or our Future Leaders Programme we enhance the skills of individuals, who are leading others, meaning swifter more effective comprehension between them, their staff and your clients.

Communication’s the glue that holds business together. Can you afford to come unstuck?

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