Communication Training

What do all these situations have in common?

• You don’t like presenting but know that by not putting yourself forward you are affecting your chances of promotion.
• You find one particular colleague really difficult to relate to – they just keep winding you up.
• You feel you deserve a pay rise but you don’t know how to ask for it.
• Others say they understand your instructions but nothing seems to get done.
• Your team just aren’t working well together and you can’t work out why.
• Your boss wants you to go to more social events but you never know what to say.
• Others do what you tell them but only once you’ve started shouting.
• Your colleagues just don’t take you seriously – no one appears to be listening to you.

They all describe a communication problem and they all have the potential to affect your own and your businesses productivity.

If you or your staff are unable to communicate then you lose money, lose sales and lose opportunities!

Working with Partners With You to address your communication issues can help your managers manage, your salesmen sell and your staff communicate more effectively with each other, with your customers and with you.

Our clients tend to come to us because they need to improve their presentation skills … whether they are just starting out or are at the top of their game but need to deliver the great and the good of their industry from a podium or sell new changes to the entire business.

You could see the result on the day. You could see the confidence of each team member increasing. It was amazing to see them tweak and improve their approach to presenting as the course went on. I’m confident it will have a long-term impact on how they prepare and deliver presentations in the future. Jack Lowman, Senior Head of Marketing. Princes Trust.

Or they come because they want their teams to develop skills in customer service ,sales or just work more effectively and productively.

Our volunteers are still talking about it some weeks after the event and two of our more cynical volunteers have told me how useful they thought it was and would recommend it for others to attend. It was memorable and we’re talking about running another session later in the year. John Silver, Volunteer Resources Manager, Brooklands Museum.

Their techniques have helped us be true to ourselves, avoiding artificial ‘sales techniques’. We’ve been delighted with the results – everyone who took the course was enthusiastic about it. It has boosted their confidence and has definitely had a positive effect on the long term success of the practice. Liz Pride, Director, MJP Architects

We really got a huge amount of benefit out of our investment in the half day workshop and we’d do the same thing again tomorrow if we could. Our quality department have followed in our footsteps and have had an equally good experience. It was fun and relaxing yet challenging with new ideas and concepts helping us to learn techniques we could, and have, used back in the workplace. My advice? Do it and you’ll get your team working together more effectively.Guy Pink, Addaction.

Or, of course, they or their staff need more impact and influence at work .

I had my first big test of my new found skills today. I have told my office that there may be some restructuring. Because of the Successful Communication Course I was able to recognise what was happening with my voice and therefore controlled it much better. After the meeting I felt a lot better, more in control and more positive.Primary School Head Teacher

Our approach? We think it’s a little different. We listen to your requirements and what you want to achieve from a training programme; then we tell you if we think what we do will help … if we don’t, we’ll tell you.

This means that most of our business comes from referrals, recommendations and repeat business. We are called Partners With You because that’s how we like to work with our clients … as partners.

If you have a communication need and would like to see if our approach is right for you then call or email Sally to arrange a meeting now.