Building Successful Teams

Why it matters

Good communication leads to effective collaboration and increased creativity. Your team needs to communicate well with each other as well as with staff and clients. An ideal working environment is one where everyone knows what’s expected of them, is aware of their own effect on others and has the ability (and patience!) to listen to alternative points of view.

As a team leader or business owner, opportunity to focus on your own skills is invaluable. Understanding yourself and your actions and decisions, invariably enhances your understanding of others to the benefit of all.


What we offer

Our team building programmes are suitable for any size group and achievable goals are: enhanced clarity of communication; coping with the unexpected; cultivating positivity; effective collaboration and recognising value and ability in others. These can be large or smaller team building events, in-house or at a chosen venue. Sessions are completely adaptable to the individual requirements of your business.


How it works

PRISM Behaviour Mapping is a highly successful, tried and trusted method of helping individuals understand their own behaviour patterns, those of others and the impact these can have on colleagues as well as on clients and customers.

Conflict or workplace misunderstandings can cause a business untold damage, we offer a 1-day, in-house workshop which explores issues that can arise and looks at ways of dealing with and ameliorating conflict situations so comfortable and sustainable working relationships can be re-established and become the norm.

Our Team Building Workshops or Events are ideal to enhance team communication, co-operation and understanding.  Call us for a chat to discuss your particular requirements.

Teams only work well when they’re singing from the same song-sheet