Power of voice CD

If you want to improve the quality of your voice on a daily basis, our Power of the Voice Recording is exactly what you need.  It’s designed so that anyone can follow the wide range of exercises on offer to help make communication a piece of cake.

Think of our Power of the Voice Recording as a gym workout for your voice. You’ll learn how to breathe, strengthen, resonate, place the voice and add variety to help you develop in the long term. It also includes a short 10 minute vocal warm up you can use just before delivering a presentation or difficult message.

For just £25 you can choose to have access to the recording as an MP3 so you can download it now or opt for the CD to be sent to you for an additional £4.20 postage and packaging. (all prices include VAT).

Either way our Power Of The Voice Recording will help you communicate successfully time after time after time.

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