Online presentation skills

You weren’t 100% confident about the way you came across on stage or in a meeting room but now you have had to add in being engaging on a small screen.

In less than one day you will receive individual feedback, an understanding of how to look and sound more natural in a very unnatural environment and how to engage through a camera.

You will leave with concrete ideas of how to approach your next online meeting or presentation with more confidence and you might even be looking forward to it!

“It’s interactive and makes you think about things you wouldn’t normally even consider.”

“It was brilliant, excellent … you will improve your presentation ability/methods straight away.”

“Presenters were awesome and so engaging; the time went so quickly.”

“Enlightening, refreshing, practical help and tips on how to present. I think the addition of the 121 is brilliant.”

Now you are attending Zoom or Team meetings and presenting on webinars, face to face meetings are really face to face (in that you are literally eyeballing each other) and yet you have lost a lot of the non-verbal cues that you used to rely on.

This workshop helps to ensure that you are getting your message across with authority; that you are able to look and sound as confident as you do in the office.

On completion of the morning, you will:

  • Know how to appear confident when presenting to video and have impact on screen
  • Have techniques to help you feel more natural in an unnatural environment
  • Be able to control your voice and increase vocal variety

You will receive specific feedback on how you come across on virtual calls and presentations and you will also receive additional input in an individual coaching session during the afternoon.

An individual coaching session with one of our team usually starts from £395 + vat but as part of this workshop we are able to offer a morning full of hints and tips and a one-hour coaching session for just £295 + vat.


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