It’s English Tourism Week!

English Tourism Week 16th- 24th March 2013

To celebrate the hard work of everyone working in the tourism industry (whether you’re a driver, guide, caterer, front of house or working in retail), we want to give you some vocal tips, direct from our professional actors. You use your voices on a daily basis so it’s important to know that you’re using your voice properly and to its full potential!

Here are our top vocal tips for communicating with impact:

Pace – This is essentially what gives variety to what you are saying, emphasising elements of the conversation. Practice speeding up and slowing down a nurdery rhyme and then add pauses. Try out different paces to create different moods.

Pause – A really effective way to get someone’s attention. It punctuates the sentence and adds variety. Next time you are asked a question, pause before you answer. It shows you are considering the question, implies respect for the other person and allows you to think of the answer.

Wow! – Say Wow! Say it again differently, continue changing the way you say it each time until you can no longer think of a difference. If you can think of this many ways to say ‘Wow’, imagine the effect that your tone, pitch and volume can have on the way that your vocal communication can be perceived!

Passion – When conveying your message, you need to be enthusiastic nad passionate. It’s infectious and if you don’t believe in it, no one will! Notice what changes when you speak passionately, your voice and body language is more animated and has much more variety

And what is a good voice without good body language? Here are some tips on looking and feeling confident:

Eye contact – Eye contact is really important in communication, as it helps you to engage with others. It helps you to focus and allows the other person to open up and therefore improves the flow of the conversation. If you are speaking to several people, make sure that you engage with all of them.

Genuine Smiles – Bared teeth and dead eyes create the look of a snarling animal. When you smile, you don’t want to look like an animal about to attack! When you next speak to a customer, think of something that makes you smile – a holiday, a loved one, the person in front of you in their underwear – anything so long as when you greet them you are thinking ‘happy’.

The String – Imagine that there is a string running up through your body. Pull the string (figuratively!) to raise yourself up at least an inch!

If you think you or anyone you know would benefit from more of our tips and advice, why not take a look at our free downloads, or our Power of the Voice CD which you can download here.

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