Impact and Influence for Women at Work

This programme will provide the support to help you to communicate effectively, present with impact and manage and lead others with empathy AND authority.

But why have a programme just for women?

Because we are different! It’s not right or wrong but it is true – generally we see the world differently to men.

For example …

… often women won’t apply for a role unless they know they can do it.

I recently listened to a lady who was advertising for a high profile role paying over £100,000 – she had received applications from both men and women. However ALL the women who had applied were already in a similar role and earning in excess of £100,000 while ALL the men who had applied were able to put forward a good case as to why they will be able to take on the role despite not one of them being in a similar role and the highest paid male applicant currently earning just £70,000.

I don’t doubt that most of the applicants would be able to do the job – it just appears that women will only apply if they know it to be true while men will apply if they believe it to be true.

Add to this different self-belief system our different societal expectations, the unconscious bias that exists in all aspects of life and women find that they need to have more authority and gravitas than their male counterparts at all levels of business. But many women struggle to have this authority & gravitas and still feel authentic.

This programme is for you if you answer “YES” to any of these:

  • You sometimes feel like a fraud … someday others will realise you’re winging it!
  • Presenting to others is at best a chore, at worst an ordeal.
  • You don’t speak up at meetings and when you do, you’re just not heard.
  • You know what you want to say but it doesn’t always come out as intended.
  • You know you are overlooked but you don’t know why or how to change it.
  • Others don’t react to you as you expect them to.
  • Networking is for other people who have time … and you don’t.
  • You wish you had more confidence.

The short term result?

Will be an improvement of your skills so you have more impact at work, while longer term you will have a better understanding of yourself and more confidence in your communication skills so you can interact with and have more influence with your colleagues, your staff and your clients.

We run this programme for teams or small groups of like-minded individuals so try the free quiz yourself here to see how effective PRISM Brain Mapping can be and call us to see if our approach is right for you.