Communication tips for our new normal.

While many of us sit at home following the instructions to leave the house as infrequently as possible, others are having to risk their lives providing services for us that until a few months ago were considered “unskilled”.


If nothing else comes out of this I hope we will always refer to those who have kept us going as “Key Workers”.

In comparison to what our Key Workers are doing, writing about communication seems much less important …

… However, I raise the following two points in the hope it will help you.

  • Please look each other in the eye when you do go out. I know you are busy keeping a safe distance away but the loss of eye contact makes the distance feel even greater. If you pass someone from the other side of the street please make the effort to look them in the eye, smile and nod … it will make both you and them feel better and doesn’t raise the risk of infection in any way.
  • Get in touch with friends, family and acquaintances. Write a letter, pick up the phone, email or simply text if that works better for you. We are social beings and this lack of interaction isn’t good for any of us. It may only be a small gesture from where you are standing but it might make a massive difference to the recipient.

Keep safe and let me know below how you are coping with our new normal.

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