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Customer Service Standards

Does your team know what you want and feel empowered to deliver it? Does the company Mission or Vision Statement work for your team? Does it give them their purpose and explain in a few sentences what needs to be at the forefront of their mind at all times? Do they know what the customer […]

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Wedding Speeches

The role of Groom, Best Man or Father of the Bride brings expectations (not to mention nerves) and indeed, these days even as the Mother of the Bride or the Bride herself, you may not be off the hook when it comes to a speech. For many of us this is the most worrying type […]

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Tour Guide Training

In addition to engagement techniques that we also cover in our voice & engagement workshops we can work with your team to develop the skills to • be flexible and think on their feet • decide how best to stage and deliver their script • develop storytelling techniques to increase engagement • increase their vocal […]

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Team Building Workshops

Sometimes a newly formed team, or even an established one, reaches a point where they’re failing to work well together. This doesn’t have to be a permanent problem, as our practical hands-on team building workshops demonstrate. We can help you and your team to develop listening skills, awareness, regain trust and communication and mesh well together […]

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Team Building Events

Our Team Building Events offer a unique and unforgettable bonding experience to help develop creative thinking techniques which can then easily be applied back in the office. Entertaining, interactive and effective, events can be shaped to support your particular business needs or initiatives such as change management and re-branding. Examples of events we have run […]

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Story Telling

What takes the more experienced presenter from good to great is his or her ability to tell a tale and tell it well, skilfully blending anecdote and humour where appropriate, to develop a well-rounded theme.  The ability to engage and enchant an audience is your opportunity to create a message that will be remembered for months if […]

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Sales Presentations

To sell, you usually have to present, whether face to face or over the phone; it may be to one person at a time, or to many.  Anybody you’re talking to will base their decision to buy on how much they like, believe and trust you and often these decisions are made in seconds and […]

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Presenting with Impact

Perhaps you are already a good presenter, but maybe you want to be great! Or possibly you want to give your old presentation style more verve and energy. Whatever the reason, you’d like to give your presentations more impact and pizazz – and that’s exactly what we give you during this two day workshop. On both days you will receive […]

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Presenting for Teachers & Lecturers

At Partners With You, we have adapted two of our workshops specifically for educators who have to inspire, inform and educate on a daily basis while ensuring that your voice is kept on top professional form.   Power of the Voice The voice is an essential tool in all communication, and is particularly important for those who speak […]

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Power of the Voice

Our voices are incredibly powerful but most of us don’t have the first idea how to optimise what we have. We can show you how simply humming and flexing jaw muscles can strengthen your voice considerably, making you immediately sound more authoritative. We can show you how to immediately improve your breathing so there’s no risk […]

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