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How your feet can change the way others’ see you.

When standing, if your feet are jiggling, crossed, moving without purpose, rocking, swaying or shuffling they are telling the person you are talking to that you aren’t as confident as you would like them to think you are. If you are presenting then this can really diminish your audience’s impression of you, which will make […]

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Give us a smile!

A few weeks ago, at lunch with friends, we got onto the subject of how important a smile is and how you can “hear” a smile in someone’s voice. I recounted the story of how one of my first bosses made us put a sticker on the phone saying “Smile when you dial!” so that […]

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As a Presenter You’re Not Luke Skywalker…

“As a presenter you’re not Luke Skywalker. You’re Yoda.” Are your presentations memorable for all the right reasons? Last week the news hit the headlines that fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast can be traced back thousands of years, according to researchers at universities in Durham and Lisbon. Apparently they were probably first told […]

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