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Customer Service Standards

Does your team know what you want and feel empowered to deliver it? Does the company Mission or Vision Statement work for your team? Does it give them their purpose and explain in a few sentences what needs to be at the forefront of their mind at all times? Do they know what the customer […]

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Impact & Influence

If you don’t have Impact and Influence life is harder … … both for you and for those around you. It doesn’t matter who you are or your role, if other’s don’t believe in you, you are never going to do as well as you could and nor will they. As a manager of a […]

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Presenting for Teachers & Lecturers

At Partners With You, we have adapted two of our workshops specifically for educators who have to inspire, inform and educate on a daily basis while ensuring that your voice is kept on top professional form.   Power of the Voice The voice is an essential tool in all communication, and is particularly important for those who speak […]

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