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Customer Service Standards

Does your team know what you want and feel empowered to deliver it? Does the company Mission or Vision Statement work for your team? Does it give them their purpose and explain in a few sentences what needs to be at the forefront of their mind at all times? Do they know what the customer […]

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Impact & Influence

If you don’t have Impact and Influence life is harder … … both for you and for those around you. It doesn’t matter who you are or your role, if other’s don’t believe in you, you are never going to do as well as you could and nor will they. As a manager of a […]

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Presenting for Teachers & Lecturers

At Partners With You, we have adapted two of our workshops specifically for educators who have to inspire, inform and educate on a daily basis while ensuring that your voice is kept on top professional form.   Power of the Voice The voice is an essential tool in all communication, and is particularly important for those who speak […]

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Magical Minutes

Very interactive – brilliant demonstrations, tips and examples. It gives you the understanding of how to put a minute across for maximum effect. MH, Utility Warehouse  Fantastic! Definitely, shows people that they can do it! SB, Right Hand HR    Number of tools specifically applicable to the networking we do. Relaxed, genuinely fun & useful. […]

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Wedding Speeches

The role of Groom, Best Man or Father of the Bride brings expectations (not to mention nerves) and indeed, these days even as the Mother of the Bride or the Bride herself, you may not be off the hook when it comes to a speech. For many of us this is the most worrying type […]

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Successful Communication

“Highlights many things/techniques that we use in life but do not develop.” CF, Avanti Architects “Well worth doing, a unique way of looking at and improving your communication styles.”SB,Talent Dynamics “Came away with lots of techniques to overcome ingrained bad habits.” NH, Rickmansworth Chamber of Commerce Do you feel that sometimes others don’t take you […]

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Presentation & Confidence Building

“I was scared of the word presentation at the beginning of the day, now I can’t wait to try out new skills.” JS, De Vere Venues “Amazing transformations. A great day full of useful exercises & tips for improving presentation technique – excellent & highly recommended.” KK, Orchard Accounting “It more than met my expectations […]

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One to One and Small Group Coaching

These sessions are ideal for growing in confidence when presenting to groups, large or small. They’re also hugely effective in helping you issue clear instructions or deal with difficult and confrontational professional situations.  With a trained professional, in a confidential and safe environment, we can focus on your specific concerns and issues. These essential elements […]

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Interview Presentations

With a big career opportunity in the offing, you may know you have the skills to make a success of the job but have concerns about how well you’ll hold up at interview. Good self-presentation both verbal and non-verbal is vital and can be make or break when it comes to a new job. You […]

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Customer Service

Our workshops will help you and your team provide better customer service because improving communication skills improves the ability to build rapport and understanding. Once that occurs the confidence of the individual grows accordingly as does the satisfaction of the client, visitor or customer who has any kind of an issue. Have a look at our engagement workshops or […]

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