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FAQ: How can I look more confident?

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FAQ: How can I look more confident?
A question I am often asked by people I meet is “Is there one thing I can do to make myself look more confident”? The answer is yes … make sure your feet are firmly on the floor!

If I’m looking to see if someone is nervous I will check out their feet.

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All indicators to me that the person I’m talking to isn’t as confident as they would like me to believe. To make sure your feet don’t give you away:

1. Imagine that on the soles of your feet are 3 points – on your little toe, on your big toe and on your heel.

2. Stand on all 3 points on both feet … ladies we are often guilty of not standing on all 3 points, particularly in high heels, so watch out for this.

3. If you are standing on the 3 points you can’t rock, sway or move without purpose.

4. This is as important when sitting as standing as it means you can’t jiggle your feet about either.

5. Now make sure your feet are hip width apart. This will stop you standing with your feet crossed which in turn makes you look less capable.

6. With your feet hip width apart and firmly on the floor you will undoubtedly look more confident and that in turn will help you to feel more confident too!

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