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Successful Interview Techniques – Part 3

Following the last 2 blogs, this one is all about successful interview techniques, on how to meet and greet with confidence. 1. Barriers – We naturally create barriers in order to protect ourselves, particularly when we are nervous or feeling unsure. We fold our arms and cross our legs. The more barriers we have the more stilted […]

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Successful Interview Tips – Part 2

Last time I suggested how you might look more confident during your interview and today’s successful interview tips relate to sounding confident – The voice can either betray a lack of confidence or help to create the impression that you are both confident and competent, and if you sound like you know what you are […]

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Successful Interview Tips – Part 1

So you want to know how to get through your next interview and secure that job? It’s all very well having the knowledge for the job, but if you don’t come across as competent and confident, you’re going to struggle to beat the competition! So in this first post on successful interview tips and techniques (there […]

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How to Present Online

63% of HR managers are now conducting their interviews by video. So, just when you’ve perfected your handshake and you’ve learnt how to walk into a room with confidence, you’re asked to sit in front of a computer and present to a webcam! The idea may be frightening at first, what with all the pitfalls […]

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Workshop Review: Presentation Workshop

This week, we’d like to share with you a review of our Presentation and Confidence Building workshop, written by George Luke, based on his recent experience with us. This is our signature workshop and can be run in-house or as a public workshop. It is suitable for new and experienced presenters, and is also a […]

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