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Successful Interview Techniques – Part 3

Following the last 2 blogs, this one is all about successful interview techniques, on how to meet and greet with confidence. 1. Barriers – We naturally create barriers in order to protect ourselves, particularly when we are nervous or feeling unsure. We fold our arms and cross our legs. The more barriers we have the more stilted […]

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Successful Interview Tips – Part 2

Last time I suggested how you might look more confident during your interview and today’s successful interview tips relate to sounding confident – The voice can either betray a lack of confidence or help to create the impression that you are both confident and competent, and if you sound like you know what you are […]

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Successful Interview Tips – Part 1

So you want to know how to get through your next interview and secure that job? It’s all very well having the knowledge for the job, but if you don’t come across as competent and confident, you’re going to struggle to beat the competition! So in this first post on successful interview tips and techniques (there […]

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How to Present Online

63% of HR managers are now conducting their interviews by video. So, just when you’ve perfected your handshake and you’ve learnt how to walk into a room with confidence, you’re asked to sit in front of a computer and present to a webcam! The idea may be frightening at first, what with all the pitfalls […]

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Top Tips for Visitor Attractions

Tourism South East’s latest newsletter shares their 5 Top Tips for Visitor Attractions, and unsurprisingly, The No. 1 Tip is: ‘Get the most out of your staff – the way that your frontline staff interact with you visitors will be a major influence on their experience. Make sure your staff care about your business as […]

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How PRISM Behaviour Mapping Works

PRISM Behaviour Mapping is a psychometric instrument which uses neuro science to approach human behaviour, rather than psychological theory. It gives users a series of graphic explanations, or maps, which represent how their brains prefer to work, instead of labelling users or putting them in boxes. These maps show users why they approach situations and […]

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3 Steps to Better Posture!

It is important for all forms of communication that you portray an image of confidence and competence at all times! Here are 3 steps to a better posture! 1. The Tripod Stand with your feet directly under your shoulders so that your weight is balanced evenly. 2. The String Imagine that there is a string […]

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What to Eat & Drink for a Healthy Voice

Let’s start with what you shouldn’t be eating: Milk, ice cream and other dairy products will add mucus to your throat. Fizzy drinks will add too much air to your stomach Citrus fruits and alcohol will dry your throat Spicy foods and coffee will irritate your throat Ice cold food and drink will constrict your […]

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It’s English Tourism Week!

English Tourism Week 16th- 24th March 2013 To celebrate the hard work of everyone working in the tourism industry (whether you’re a driver, guide, caterer, front of house or working in retail), we want to give you some vocal tips, direct from our professional actors. You use your voices on a daily basis so it’s […]

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Goal setting Made Easy!

So we’re approaching the end of another financial year, which gives us the perfect opportunity to look ahead and consider ways to make this new year even better. First you need to think about what went wrong last year, the chances you didn’t take, the mistakes you made and the ideas you just didn’t think of until it was too late. […]

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